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Simnel Cake

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  • Add the liquids (lemon juice, run, glycerine) to cleaned fruit and rind then allow to stand overnight.

  • Cream the Gamma, Caster sugar, brown sugar, almonds, marzipan and caramel colour well together until light and free.

  • Add the egg to the batter in a number of additions, creaming well in between portions.

  • Add half the milk to the batter and mix in.

  • Now add cake flour, mixed spice and cinnamon to the mix

  • Next add the rest of the milk and mix to a clear dough.

  • Add the prepared fruit and mix.

  • Scale 450g into the bottom of the prepared 7-inch cake tin

  • Then add a 175g Disc of Margarine followed by a further 500g of batter

  • Bake at 330°F/160°C for 2 – 2 ½ hours

  • Note: Simnel Cakes are decorated after baking with a ring of marzipanwhich is egg washed and flashed in a hot oven. The centre is filled with a fondant and decorated.

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